Warm weather…

My kids this morning were pulling out all their summer clothes searching for shorts and tanks…seriously???  We are still in March!  After much negotiation I let them wear shorts but they had to wear short sleeved shirts.  This weather is unbelievable.

Anyway I promised several beading friends I would give them a treat this morning and here it is!  60% off all beads and 20% off all sterling silver and gold!  Take 20% off all bulk swarovski and lampwork beads!

This is the last week coming with beads being here and there is still a good amount of inventory…so dont miss out!

On the yarn front….all Louisa Harding yarns are on sale for 15% off…we have some new spring yarns from her as well as the new pattern books which are 10% off.  DOnt miss out to make something truly beautiful!

Have a great day!

Drive by posting!

UGH!  So busy…this morning was horrendous!  Between not being able to find my shoes and the dog not eating (for those of you that dont know she is diabetic and needs a shot so she must eat in the morning) well…it made for a frustrating crazy morning.

Lots of new inventory has come in and dont forget we are liquidating the beading inventory…everything is 50% off.

I will try to write a little more later but I must get some work done now!  UGH!

Im freezing….

SO where is the warm weather we had for the past few days?  Im freezing my butt off here.  Heat has been put back on in the store.  SIGH!  Im surprised Im not sick with the warm/cold thing going on.

I spent the day with Sherry yesterday tagging and sorting yarn.  We got alot done and laughed alot but there is still so much to be done and I am alone today….SIGH!

I posted up some pictures and links on the stores facebook page pof some of the new ruffling yarns that have arrived.  One which has sparked my interest is an Italian yarn which is a lace fabric.  The best thing about this yarn is that there are holes to show you where to put your needle to knit it.  Fabulous!

Also arrived is Sublime yarn…ohhhhh….yum!  If you have yet to knit with Sublime you are surely missing out.  It soooo  well sublime!  Perfect for anything….babies, adults and well the pattern support is wonderful too.

New spring samples round things out…lots of scarves, sweaters…knit and crochet.  I sometimes wonder how I get anything done.  I mentioned to Sherry how excited I was that I had her to support me in my addiction.  She agreed!  🙂

On the beading front….everything (excluding silver and gold) is 50% off!  I must have the beads cleared out by April 1st to make room for the needlepoint inventory.  There are still many bargains to be had so please do stop by and take a peak.  As always I am announcing the sale here and on Facebook before I send out a mass email…

And I have upped the anty on the bulky yarns and scarf yarns…30% off this week!  There are some lovely yarns to be had at fabulous prices and if this cold spell keeps I will be knitting bulky again!

Ok better get to work!  And Happy St Pats Day!  Im not Irish but who isnt on St. Pats Day right?  Im going to get a corned beef tonight.  I hope I can find one.


Thats me!  I got here extra early to go through the 10…yes 10…boxes of spring yarns that were delivered yesterday.  But I find myself just looking at the boxes and wondering about all the possibilities that are inside!  Has anything got put away?  Well no…but I do have lots of ideas in my head about what my next project is….

I was talking to Sherry yesterday and I was telling her about how excited I was that the Principles of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiatt was available again…new and revised!  My copy arrived yesterday.  Husband actually downloaded a sneak peak for me on the ipad and when I couldnt sleep the other night I found myself reading about the construction of stitches and different techniques to form them.  I think I have a problem….Anyway its a text book on knitting which I love so if you get the chance to get your hands on one take this opportunity to do so.  you wont regret it.

Dont forget beads are still on sale…30% off and they must be out of the store by April 1st for our new inventory to be set up.  What is that you might ask???  Well drum roll please…..needlepoint!  Yay!  I am so excited to welcome Miriam from Stitch by Stitch to our store.  She is joining our merry band of crafters and we couldnt be happier.  She will be spearheading our needlepoint dept.  She has many fabulous ideas and is uber talented.  Stop in after April 1st and say hi to our newest member of the KMIS family!

OK enough stalling….am I stalling???  I must get some work done.  I am going to try to give a sneak peak of what is in these cradles of cardboard tomorrow.  Hopefully I can take some pictures and well you know.

Have a happy day…oh and the weather is fabulous today!  Get out there if you can!  🙂

Yarn and beads….

What a gorgeous day we are having today!  Like I said I will do something special for my customers that read my blog if we had this warm day and here it is!  Mention you read my blog and take 30% off one regularly priced item.  If you have been looking at the interchangeable needle sets or Prism yarn…well here is your chance to get it at a deep discount!

Today is the last day of the Juniper Moon yarn sale…15% off all Juniper Moon Farms yarn PLUS a free pattern book.  if you havent used this yarn…you are truly missing out!

The sale for next week….and my loyal blog readers you get first notification!  🙂  take 20% off all bulky weight yarns and select novelty scarf yarns.  This doesnt include the ruffling yarns like Flounce and Ondas….sorry!  Exactly which yarns are on sale?  Well heres a short list but when you come in there will be more in the store….Big Bang, Aloha, Improv, Link, Park Ave, Dare, Shaggy and I have to see what else I can find.

All beading inventory will be now 30% off.  All sterling silver and gold filled will be 10% off.  Come in soon as the inventory is going quickly!

Dont forget we have the Booties for a Special day with Maryann Stephens this saturday!  This bootie is just the cutest!

OK Im off…I did nothing in the store yesterday except talk to dear friend Mary.  I must get some work done today.

Beading Inventory Closeout :(

As I am sure you know I am closing out the beading section of the store.  This wasnt a decision I made lightly and I am sad about it. Although I brought in new lines, added new colors and ran many classes…the recession got the best of the beads and they just werent pulling their weight.  Running the store is definitely a journey and as I go along the path I will have to put somethings down and pick other things up.  I am in the process of finding something new to replace the beads and I hope you will stay tuned for that.  It is exciting although I am sad I am disappointing alot of my customers.  I also want to shoot some big hugs to my beading instructor Paula.  She really worked tirelessly to help me try to make this work.  If you need a lesson I will refer you over to her.  Not only is she a fabulous person she is a wonderful and talented bead artist.

Anyway the entire inventory is 25% off and I do have bulk findings and beads available.  Just ask me when you come in and I will show you.  I am spending the next few days pulling all beading materials out of the back so who knows what I will find.

On the yarn end, dont forget we have Juniper Moon Farms yarn on sale this week.  15% off plus a free pattern book!  Findley is perfect for spring and summer scarves, Chadwick is super yummy and Willa is fabulous for those quick knits to get ahead of holiday gifts.

I have a HUGE spring order on its way…Im a little scared!  AGH!  So help me make some room and take a peak at our sales.  We are also giving a further discount on all bagged clearance yarn…an additional 15% off the already discounted price.  I just added some Berroco Jasper (sadly discontinued) to the table.  Lots of bargains to be had!

Lastly I just got in from Galler Yarns….cotton on the cone for yarmulkes.  Perfect for those bar/bat mitzvahs and weddings.  You can get about 30 crocheted yarmulkes from one cone.

OK im off.  Have a wonderful day…oh one more thing.  Its supposed to be 70 degrees this thursday.  If that is going to be the forecast stay tuned for something special to celebrate the warm weather!

Spring or winter????

Seriously I wish Mother Nature would make up her mind.  Its freezing and rainy here today but the other day I didnt even wear a jacket it was so warm.  I am not giving up hope that we will get some snow this year so I can snuggle down with some wool.  Dont hate me.

Dont forget we have our general knitting and crochet classes for March starting next week.  Tuesdays evenings and Saturdays mornings.  These are so much fun.  Everyone is making something different and the sense of camaraderie is amazing!

We also have coming up our Mosaic Scarf class.  Make your man a scarf or make yourself one.  All you have to do is change the colors!  Slip stitch knitting is great to learn.  A nice alternative to Fair Isle.

Im working on class schedules for April May and June so if there is something you are dying to learn….let me know!

I am getting spring yarns in and I need to make some room so a sale must happen!  This week if you purchase any Juniper Moon Farms yarn…you get the corresponding book for free!  And to sweeten the deal…take 10% off the yarn too!  This sale starts tomorrow friday March 2nd and will run until next thursday when I will announce the next sale.  Plenty of bargains to be had and dont forget…all clearance bagged yarn is an additional 10% off if you mention you read this blog.

Ok off to start my day.  Make it count people!

Life as we know it…right now….

I wish I was in a better mood today.  I am sad and angry and not myself.  I received an email over the weekend that a soccer coach of my daughters had died.  He was young…maybe late 30s early 40s?  He had a heart attack on the field during a lacrosse game.  He was a fabulous coach…I requested him season after season before Erin went to the travel team.  Enthusiastic and encouraging.  You couldnt know a kinder man.

I cant help but think of his poor wife and twin girls.  I imagine myself in that situation and I cant even breathe thinking about it.  My heart is broken for them.

The wake is thursday and I will go with Erin.  She will wear her jersey to show her respect and support for his family like all the other players will.  And as for me?  I will hug his wife and offer whatever support I can.  Then as soon as my husband gets home from his business trip I will hug him too and be grateful.

Today I will continue to smile even though I am sad.  Thats life and how the game is played I guess.  Today is for you Coach Kurt…see you on the pitch.  😦

Sunny Weekend…

I usually dont post on the weekend but since I was away I figured I would try to write something this morning.

Its a beautiful day here in Nesconset…sunny but very windy!  The wind was whipping last night while we had our family movie night.  We watched Night at the Museum.  The kids enjoyed it alot since we were at the museum only a few weeks ago.

SO what do I have on the needles?  I am almost done with the cutest little baby dress made out of Frog Tree Picoboo yarn.Yay!  I posted a picture!  Anyway its soo cute!  And the yarn is super yummy.  The only thing I did differently is I added 2 rows of reverse stockinette to the ruffle so it doesnt roll.

Also on the needles is a sweater from Berroco.  Its the Kiama sweater.  Its knit in Origami.  And heres a picture!Im having way too much fun with adding pictures to this blog!  SO this sweater has an interesting construction.  Basically you knit the sleeves and back as a yoke and then pick up and knit the rest of the sweater down.

Ok i guess I better stop and get to work!  🙂

Im Back!

Drive by posting today!  Im back from vacation…everyone had a great time even though one of my girls got a stomach bug and gave it to husband.  It derailed us for a day but we made up for it the last day.  I skied, rode a horse, drove a buggy…I was an alpha female!  🙂  Also got some knitting done which was a plus.

New in the store are Addi Click sets…Bamboo, Lace and Turbo.  I brought in a few single tips and cables for those who want to try them out.  Also new colors of Litoral from Aslan Trends…this is flying off the shelves!  New colors of Amity Prints for kids and some more Balance from OWool.

Got to get this all on the shelves so I am off.  I have 3 little helpers today so this will hopefully go quickly!