Beading Inventory Closeout :(

As I am sure you know I am closing out the beading section of the store.  This wasnt a decision I made lightly and I am sad about it. Although I brought in new lines, added new colors and ran many classes…the recession got the best of the beads and they just werent pulling their weight.  Running the store is definitely a journey and as I go along the path I will have to put somethings down and pick other things up.  I am in the process of finding something new to replace the beads and I hope you will stay tuned for that.  It is exciting although I am sad I am disappointing alot of my customers.  I also want to shoot some big hugs to my beading instructor Paula.  She really worked tirelessly to help me try to make this work.  If you need a lesson I will refer you over to her.  Not only is she a fabulous person she is a wonderful and talented bead artist.

Anyway the entire inventory is 25% off and I do have bulk findings and beads available.  Just ask me when you come in and I will show you.  I am spending the next few days pulling all beading materials out of the back so who knows what I will find.

On the yarn end, dont forget we have Juniper Moon Farms yarn on sale this week.  15% off plus a free pattern book!  Findley is perfect for spring and summer scarves, Chadwick is super yummy and Willa is fabulous for those quick knits to get ahead of holiday gifts.

I have a HUGE spring order on its way…Im a little scared!  AGH!  So help me make some room and take a peak at our sales.  We are also giving a further discount on all bagged clearance yarn…an additional 15% off the already discounted price.  I just added some Berroco Jasper (sadly discontinued) to the table.  Lots of bargains to be had!

Lastly I just got in from Galler Yarns….cotton on the cone for yarmulkes.  Perfect for those bar/bat mitzvahs and weddings.  You can get about 30 crocheted yarmulkes from one cone.

OK im off.  Have a wonderful day…oh one more thing.  Its supposed to be 70 degrees this thursday.  If that is going to be the forecast stay tuned for something special to celebrate the warm weather!


2 thoughts on “Beading Inventory Closeout :(

  1. Thank you for the hug. I am sending you one back ,you’re a terrific person and I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach there. I will just have to channel my fiber side more.

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