Im freezing….

SO where is the warm weather we had for the past few days?  Im freezing my butt off here.  Heat has been put back on in the store.  SIGH!  Im surprised Im not sick with the warm/cold thing going on.

I spent the day with Sherry yesterday tagging and sorting yarn.  We got alot done and laughed alot but there is still so much to be done and I am alone today….SIGH!

I posted up some pictures and links on the stores facebook page pof some of the new ruffling yarns that have arrived.  One which has sparked my interest is an Italian yarn which is a lace fabric.  The best thing about this yarn is that there are holes to show you where to put your needle to knit it.  Fabulous!

Also arrived is Sublime yarn…ohhhhh….yum!  If you have yet to knit with Sublime you are surely missing out.  It soooo  well sublime!  Perfect for anything….babies, adults and well the pattern support is wonderful too.

New spring samples round things out…lots of scarves, sweaters…knit and crochet.  I sometimes wonder how I get anything done.  I mentioned to Sherry how excited I was that I had her to support me in my addiction.  She agreed!  🙂

On the beading front….everything (excluding silver and gold) is 50% off!  I must have the beads cleared out by April 1st to make room for the needlepoint inventory.  There are still many bargains to be had so please do stop by and take a peak.  As always I am announcing the sale here and on Facebook before I send out a mass email…

And I have upped the anty on the bulky yarns and scarf yarns…30% off this week!  There are some lovely yarns to be had at fabulous prices and if this cold spell keeps I will be knitting bulky again!

Ok better get to work!  And Happy St Pats Day!  Im not Irish but who isnt on St. Pats Day right?  Im going to get a corned beef tonight.  I hope I can find one.


Sunny Weekend…

I usually dont post on the weekend but since I was away I figured I would try to write something this morning.

Its a beautiful day here in Nesconset…sunny but very windy!  The wind was whipping last night while we had our family movie night.  We watched Night at the Museum.  The kids enjoyed it alot since we were at the museum only a few weeks ago.

SO what do I have on the needles?  I am almost done with the cutest little baby dress made out of Frog Tree Picoboo yarn.Yay!  I posted a picture!  Anyway its soo cute!  And the yarn is super yummy.  The only thing I did differently is I added 2 rows of reverse stockinette to the ruffle so it doesnt roll.

Also on the needles is a sweater from Berroco.  Its the Kiama sweater.  Its knit in Origami.  And heres a picture!Im having way too much fun with adding pictures to this blog!  SO this sweater has an interesting construction.  Basically you knit the sleeves and back as a yoke and then pick up and knit the rest of the sweater down.

Ok i guess I better stop and get to work!  🙂

Sun and Findings…

Did you see that snow last night?  Just a dusting but it looked so pretty coming down.  Its pretty much all gone.  Although its sunny it is so chilly out.  Bundle up if you are going out today!

So I received a box of base metal findings the other day.  Although I am still sorting it out and packing it up, I wanted to let everyone know….slide claps are back!!  I found them on 2 hole 4 hole and 5 hole sizes in gold, silver, gunmetal and copper base metal.  Yay!!!  What else is in the box?  Some crimp beads, jump rings and head pins.  I am excited to have the store stocked up again with these essentials for beading.   I have some pretty chain too in gold and silver base metal.

Knitting for baby?  Well I just got in Babe yarn.  This is a nylon washable DK weight yarn and its sooooo soft.  Perfect for all things baby.  Also in is Rumples yarn.  This is a ruffling yarn similar to Flounce but in brighter springier colors.

Whats on the horizon?  Well I am ordering some fiber for my spinning friends.  From Frabjous Fibers in Vermont we will have Polwarth, Merino and BFL fiber …all hand dyed in fabulous colorways!  I just placed the order and it is being dyed so in about a month we will have fiber!!  WOOHOO!

Well Im off…busy day today!  Stay warm!


Its going to be 60 degrees here today.  HELLO MOTHER NATURE????  Are you aware this is February in New York????  I dont know how to dress anymore.  Should I be knitting for spring with this warm weather or is it just a tease and I should stick with wool???  SIGH!

SO yesterday we got in some lovely yarns…I could have sat and just hugged them all day but alas there was work to be done!  On the shelves right now is some beautiful Mountain Colors Twizzle and Monarch.  Seriously fabulous yardage and colors.  Also from mountain Colors Bearfoot and Crazyfoot sock yarn!  Sock Knitters!  You must come in and take a peak at this beautiful yarn!  Dont knit socks?  Well these would be perfect for a lightweight shawl or scarf!

Also in from Aslan Trends is Litoral.  This is a beautiful scarf yarn…1 skein makes our sample in the store.  How can you beat that for $9.75?

On its way to the store is Babe yarn.  This baby yarn is a dream…great yardage, fabulous price point.  Perfect for all spring baby/toddler sweaters.  I am starting the sample for the store today…2 balls makes a sweater!

Lastly…looking for a bargin?  With Marions help yesterday I filled the clearance table with some wonderful yarns…its overflowing.  So stop in and get a great deal on some really beautiful yarns…like what you may ask?  Twisted Sister, Katia and Jaeger Mohair, Artyarns and Skacel Urban Silk to name a few.

On that note I better get going…busy day!  Oh and I havent found my phone yet so call me at the store if you need me!  🙂


Im here watching the rain come down down down!  Its the kinda mornig you want to snuggle up with your favorite pet in your jammies and stitc the morning away.  Its supposed to go up to 60 degrees here today…definitely not January in New York weather!

So whats new in the store…starting next Sunday Feb. 5th the lovely Sharon will be teaching Freeform Crochet.  If you ever wanted to be free of patterns and let your creativity flow then this is the class for you.  There are still a few spots available so sign up asap!

Sherry just finished a lovely sample in Silverstar!  Its a beautiful lacey cowl…I wish I had a camera to take a picture!  Stop in and take a peak.  It takes only 1 ball and its perfect for these types of days.

Its 10am so I better get a move on.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Lacey has arrived!

I met with Jan my Berroco rep last week and she showed me Lacey.  I was kinda on the fence about it but I ordered a few bags and said lets see how it goes.  Well its here and I must say this is interesting.  It is a wide ribbon yarn that can be crocheted or knit and it makes a 1 skein scarf.  Berroco has even put up a video on their website on how to knit or crochet this bad boy up.  Find it here! Lacey Video

So this is my dilemma today…should I try to knit this up and see how it goes or (and I know the answer to this) should I keep working on the never ending pile of samples that are staring at me from my worktable at the store????  SIGH!  Sometimes its hard to do the right thing!

On another note crocheters…dont forget about our Block of the Month club which is the 3rd friday of every month…which is this friday from 1-3pm!  Many crocheters complain to me that crochet isnt represented in yarn stores enough.  I am doing my best to bring in some classes for crocheters and I have the lovely Sharon teaching.  If you havent taken a class with Sharon then you are missing out.  Sharon is one of the nicest most patient teachers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  SHe is also teaching Freeform Crochet which is creating art without a pattern…that is not a class to be missed.  Give me a call in the store for more info!

Ok stay warm today…we might get a sprinkling of snow tonight!  🙂

Classes and pictures…ugh!

So today I am going to complain but just for a minute. The lovely Paula has loaned me some gorgeous jewelry samples to display for the classes she is teaching. Shameless plug inserted here….go to the website to check out all her classes!
So on with my complaining! I have tried every setting on my camera to try to get the perfect picture that will really show off the beauty of her pieces. Well I have the most uncooperative camera in the world apparently…each picture has come out blurry or too bright or just not right. Its so frustrating. Ok rant over.
If you are interested in Paulas wonderful classes I have a display set up in the store and I am going to continue to try to take pictures of them. Hopefully I will get this down!
Have a great day everyone!