Pictures and my phone…

So I cant find my phone.  People who really know me know this isnt a big deal for me.  I kinda hate being so accessible all the time.  Of course if I am out with the kids I like to have it in case of emergency but my phone is sooooo old that people are shocked I dont have one of these new touch screen jobbers.  I think the Verizon guy was going to have a fit when he saw what I was using.  Honestly I hate texting..maybe cause my phone is so old and I dont have a keyboard so it takes a year and a day to write anything.  Im not worried.  Im sure it will show up somewhere.

I have to figure out how to put pictures on this blog.  I know I know how to do this but part of my problem is the store computer.  Talk about my phone being old…this thing is a relic!  So if Im going to add pictures I have to do it at home.  SIGH!

OK I am off…if your free please join us this morning for our tuesday morning knitting group.



Im here watching the rain come down down down!  Its the kinda mornig you want to snuggle up with your favorite pet in your jammies and stitc the morning away.  Its supposed to go up to 60 degrees here today…definitely not January in New York weather!

So whats new in the store…starting next Sunday Feb. 5th the lovely Sharon will be teaching Freeform Crochet.  If you ever wanted to be free of patterns and let your creativity flow then this is the class for you.  There are still a few spots available so sign up asap!

Sherry just finished a lovely sample in Silverstar!  Its a beautiful lacey cowl…I wish I had a camera to take a picture!  Stop in and take a peak.  It takes only 1 ball and its perfect for these types of days.

Its 10am so I better get a move on.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Whats this world coming to????

As much as I would love to write about the store and yarn and the weather today I am not.

I dropped the girls off at school and decided to stop at the bank to drop off a deposit to my girl scout account and get some coffee since my main coffee maker is away on a business trip.  As I drove down the road I looked to the right and there were several police cars…lights flashing and yellow police tape all around the bank.  I pulled in and sat in the car.  There wasnt a ambulance and I could see the branch manager who was just in the store last week looking rather shaken up inside the bank.

I could totally be off base but it looked to me like the bank had been robbed.  I am so sad.  I sat there and called my friend Grace and we were both shocked that this could possibly be the case.  You hear about these things happening but I never would think it would happen within walking distance from my store and home in this little town that seriously if you blinked you would miss it.

Anyway I know for myself I am going to be even more vigilant in staying alert and being aware of my surroundings.  I hope everyone is ok and not much was lost if it was indeed a robbery.


Yesterday was a crazy day here at KMIS….Sherry mentioned to me she thought we should have our own reality TV show here at the store.  I said well there is enough going on for us to have an interesting show!  What would we call it?  Yarn Wars?  LI Yarn?  Iron Knitter America?  Im cracking myself up over here…good thing the store isnt open yet!

Anyway between the 10 girl scouts that were here learning to knit, my usual tuesday evening general knitting class and the various other issues…lets just say I realized at 8:30pm I hadnt eaten all day!  One good thing is the KnitPicks order arrived!  We have needle again!  They are getting scooped up so if you are looking for a particular size come in soon before they are all gone!

Thankfully Marion was here to give me a hand…Thank you Marion!  If you havent stopped in to meet Marion please do!  She is a fabulous knitter and she teaches our Stitch of the Month club.

Ok Im off…have a wonderful day!

Its like Spring!…well kinda…

Seriously weather???  Its going to be like 50 degrees here today…all the snow is melted and the sun is shining!  Not at all like normal January weather.

First off a good friend to me and the store had surgery yesterday so …get better soon Melissa!!!!  At the Monday Night group last night a few of us decided to chip in and get her something…what Im not sure but I casted my vote for food.  Who wants to cook after you have had surgery????

Speaking of Monday night…we had a great time last night.  If you havent attended our Monthly Monday evening group you are missing out on a lot of fun and laughs.  I listed all the dates on the website under the Events page so mark your calendars!  I was able to hook up with an old friend from my “other store” days last night too!  Hey Donna!!!!

Dont forget we have alot of fabulous classes open designed for maximum learning in beading, crochet and knitting.

Ok off to start the day!  Make it count!!!

Spring yarns are here!

I received 2 large boxes from Berroco yesterday.  I pulled out the packing slip and behold!  Spring yarns!  I was thinking for a split secoid who in their right mind would be thinking of knitting for spring…we got snow last night!!!  It was only a dusting but still.  I am in wool mode!

Still the thought of the warm days of spring has me thinking about all the lovely lighter garments I can make now so I can wear them as soon as the weather gets warmer.  Thus the knitter/crocheters dilemma.  SIGH!

Today we have the lovely Sharon teaching her Crocheted Block of the Month from 1-3pm.  I must say if you crochet this is the class to take…there is so much to learn!  Consider stopping by if your free.  Its $15 a month plus supplies.

So while I am sitting here typing those boxes are calling my name.  I think I will just take a peak and start thinking of what I will knit for the warmer months that will be here sooner than we think.

Have a happy and warm weekend!

Lacey has arrived!

I met with Jan my Berroco rep last week and she showed me Lacey.  I was kinda on the fence about it but I ordered a few bags and said lets see how it goes.  Well its here and I must say this is interesting.  It is a wide ribbon yarn that can be crocheted or knit and it makes a 1 skein scarf.  Berroco has even put up a video on their website on how to knit or crochet this bad boy up.  Find it here! Lacey Video

So this is my dilemma today…should I try to knit this up and see how it goes or (and I know the answer to this) should I keep working on the never ending pile of samples that are staring at me from my worktable at the store????  SIGH!  Sometimes its hard to do the right thing!

On another note crocheters…dont forget about our Block of the Month club which is the 3rd friday of every month…which is this friday from 1-3pm!  Many crocheters complain to me that crochet isnt represented in yarn stores enough.  I am doing my best to bring in some classes for crocheters and I have the lovely Sharon teaching.  If you havent taken a class with Sharon then you are missing out.  Sharon is one of the nicest most patient teachers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  SHe is also teaching Freeform Crochet which is creating art without a pattern…that is not a class to be missed.  Give me a call in the store for more info!

Ok stay warm today…we might get a sprinkling of snow tonight!  🙂